Pantry Nightmares: Oxo Pop Container Giveaway


Does your pantry look like this? Ours was a recurring nightmare. No matter how many times we tried to clean the pantry, it would rear its messy, disorganized face again like a bad garden weed. Our pantry troubles began in our small apartment and followed us into our new home. We had bags of noodles, spices, flour, all intermingled. Some were in the original packaging while others wrapped in plastic grocery bags. We used our memory to remember what we had, instead of any organized method of inventory. Commonly we’ll buy new bags of spices because we couldn’t find the old bag. At last count, we had four bags of sesame seeds-two of them were partially used.

Before the Lunar New Year, Tết, it’s traditional to clean and organize your house. This new year, we resolved to clean and organize our pantry. We had to find something that would be versatile, easy to use, long lasting, and space saving. So the first time we tried Oxo Pop containers, we knew we had to get more. Check out how we solved our pantry nightmares:

In the past, inevitably, our pantry would go from order to disorder very quickly after a reorganization, but now, three weeks with the Oxo pop containers, everything has it’s place our pantry hasn’t disintergrated into a disorganized morass like before. We love it! Our pantry nightmares has been Oxo-fied!

oxo pop

The nice folks at Oxo have been generous to let us try out the Oxo pop along with their other organization tools and they’re giving away a set of Oxo Pop containers and other organizing products worth $100 total to one lucky reader!

To Win

Show us what you plan to Oxo-fy! Post a photo of your pantry on our Facebook page wall and the photo with the most likes will win! So get all your friends to vote on your photo. Contest ends Friday 1/27 at midnight pacific time.  Good luck!

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