Till We Meet Again…

engagement photo

Dear loyal readers,

As many of you long time readers  know, we were engaged 18 months ago and now the time has finally come for us to take a break and concentrate on our wedding day,  July 30, 2011. We can’t wait to start our new life together and thank you for coming along with us via the blog the past 2 years.

By reading our blog, commenting, sharing it with friends and family, and more importantly cooking it’s recipes for your families, you’ve all helped to get us where we are today. Because of that, we wish you could all be there to celebrate our wedding day with us.  Since we can’t live stream our wedding, we’ll post photos and videos of it when we get back…and of course more recipes, videos, and some exciting news to share.

We’re taking a brief hiatus from blogging until August but we’ve lined up some great guest bloggers to contribute during our absence.  The guest bloggers are truly talented and will make things we can’t even dream of possibly making ourselves, so we hope you enjoy them and visit their blogs.

Till then,

ăn ngon — eat well,

Kim and Hong


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