Bread Pudding with Kahlua Sauce

bread pudding

We’re starting to get the hang of this baking thing…thanks to Simply Recipe‘s easy bread pudding and lots of  left over French bread, we were able to whip up this delicious bread pudding with a bunch of items in our pantry.  The recipe was really easy but we modified it slightly.  We substituted 1/2 cup of Kahlua liquor for the 1 cup of bourbon since we had that left over from the mochi truffles. We added some walnuts and didn’t use the 3tbs of melted butter to coat our ceramic baking dish. Instead, we just greased it lightly with some butter and that worked perfectly.

The key step in this recipe is the sauce where you melt the butter, sugar and one egg. It’s very important to keep the heat as low as possible to prevent any curdling of the egg when you add the alcohol.

bread pudding

It was so good and we had so much bread, we actually made two batches and brought it to work. In another batch we added some chocolate chips as well.  The bread pudding and Kahlua sauce went perfect with some vanilla bean ice cream. While the bourbon in the original recipe may not be very kid friendly, the Kahlua sauce provided a great rich chocolate-ly taste that kids of all ages would definitely enjoy.  Thanks for the bread pudding recipe, Elise!

Disclaimer: We were not paid by Kahlua or received any products from Kahlua. 


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