Mystery Fruit and Giveaway!!

xoi gac

Do you know what fruit is in the bag?? We recently were fortunate to cook with these spectacular exotic fruit to make a very traditional Vietnamese dish. But before we reveal the fruit and dish, we just thought it would be fun to have a little contest to see who and how many can identify this amazing fruit. Plus we have some great giveaways for the winner. See the canvas bag with the beautifully intricate henna peacock design? My sister, Niki at Mission La Pham Nikita created these reusable grocery bags by hand silk screening her henna peacock onto the bags and gave an extra one to us.

xoi gac

We’re so nice we’re even going to give you a few hints. This fruit comes from the a family of fruits that are the largest in the world, some weighing over 1000 lbs. This fruit, by far, contains the highest content of beta-carotene (Vitamin A) of any fruit or vegetable. If you get pricked by the spiky thorns, you’ll have bad luck for 7 yrs–just kidding!

xoi gac

This is what it looks like inside…isn’t this beautiful? This fruit is primarily grown in Southeast Asia and is used in far ranging countries of India, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and of course Vietnam. We’ll accept the English name of this fruit as well as any of its name in the countries listed above.

Correct comments will be entered in a random drawing to receive the 100% recycled cotton ultra cool henna peacock bag by Mission La Pham Nikita, which can also be purchased from her site so check it out.

Even if you don’t know–take a guess…you don’t have to be correct to win. For those with wrong answers we’re offering a consolation prize–a Vietnamese coffee filter! We’ll run this giveaway until Friday to give everyone a chance to do your research!

**update 12/12/09: the answer is Gac Fruit! Check out how we used it to make Xoi Gac – Red Sticky Rice.


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