The Proposal

the proposal

I just got back from a wonderful trip to Carmel and Monterrey, California to celebrate my birthday, but I am still on cloud nine from all the eventful things that happened this weekend. Hong took me to a California treasure called Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, just south of Carmel where the meeting of sea and land is just absolutely beautiful.

china beach point lobos nature reserve

It was a perfect day for hiking and we saw sea otters, pelicans, dolphins and even a deer. We started off on the Cypress Grove Trail and then to the South Shore Trail down to China Beach hoping to find a good spot to picnic. Just before reaching China Beach, we could see the beautiful turquoise water and white sand that rivaled those beaches in the tropics. We headed down a long and steep wooden staircase that led down to China Beach which we had all to ourselves. Hong first popped opened a bottle of champagne and we toasted to my birthday and enjoyed the calm sounds of the waves and the breathtaking views. Then Hong took out a Tiffany’s box hidden in his backpack–I thought to myself “Hmm, I know my Hong too well…He would never get me anything from Tiffany’s…not because he’s not generous, but he’s not into materalistic/brand name things. You see, I was tricked before with a Tiffany’s box in the past…the first time was when he gave me a silver promise ring he got at the Seattle Pike’s Market and wrapped it in a Tiffany’s box. The second time was when I was helping him unpack when he moved from NYC to California and stumbled upon another wrapped Tiffany’s box. I thought it was for me and opened it, only to discover a crystal apple paperweight that his work had given him as a gift! I was so embarassed…

mochi truffels

So when he came out with another Tiffany’s box, I wasn’t going to be fooled a third time. I knew it was something–but definitely not a ring! I opened it with some reservation, but I was right! There were two versions of Mochi Truffles that Hong made: cocoa covered and Tiffany colored that matched the box perfectly. The mochi truffles were yummy and along with the champagne, I thought it was such a sweet birthday gift.

Little did I know that he had hid the ring box beneath the truffles and the paper fillings! It was then when he surprised me and got down on his knees, and showed me the ring and asked me to marry him and spend the rest my life with him. Right at that moment, I had still had mochi in my mouth and my heart jumped right out at him and with tears of joy running down my cheeks, I said yes! My fingers, covered with cocoa and truffles, were shaking and I got chocolate all over the box!


Afterwards, we celebrated with a picnic of some banh mi and banh it tran that we had bought on the trip and while I was mesmerized and admiring my new ring, a seagull swooped in and snatched my banh mi away! Hong ran after it to catch this photo… Apparently seagulls like banh mi too! I hope he eats a spicy jalapeno for intruding into our picnic! But I wasn’t too mad for long..he can can have the banh mi…I have my ring! 🙂

I couldn’t have asked for anything more and had the best birthday ever! I can’t wait to spend my life with the love of my life…We had a fantastic time in Carmel and Monterrey and we want to share a few more special experiences on our trip with you in the posts to come.


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