Vietnamese Iced Coffee – Cafe Sua Da

vietnamese iced coffee
Cafe Sua Da or Ca Phe Sua Da -Vietnamese Coffee
I am an absolute caffeine addict and must have a cup of coffee every morning–no, not Starbucks, but cafe sua da -Vietnamese iced coffee. Cafe sua da is coffee made with rich dark French roasted coffee with chicory (an herb that’s roasted and used to flavor coffee) and condensed milk over ice. It’s stronger, bolder, and richer than iced coffee at Starbucks and it’s so much cheaper and easy to make. All you need to make cafe sua is a Vietnamese coffee filter press and coarsely ground dark roast coffee–any type will do but preferably with chicory such as Cafe du Monde and Cafe Trung Nguyen. Recently, our friend Anh from Food Lovers Journey was so kind and sent us a bag of coffee from Hanoi called Cafe Mai for us to try and it was great–thank you, Anh! 

cafe sua da

Cafe Sua Da -Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Printable recipe

vietnamese iced coffe

In a small coffee cup, add about 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk (adjust amount to your tastes). In the coffee press, add about 2 tablespoons of ground coffee and screw press on snugly, but not too tight.

Place the coffee press over the glass of condensed milk. Pour a bit of hot water into the coffee press and check–if it flows right through, the filter is too loose (use the side of your spoon or a quarter to tighten, one to two turns clockwise. Fill the remainder of the press to about 1/2 inch from the top and cover. The coffee will drip slowly and take about 5 minutes to fully drip so be patient and browse our blog :)

cafe sua da

When done, set the press aside and stir well. Pour over a large ice filled glass and enjoy.

How fast the coffee drips effects the strength of the coffee. The tighter the filter, the slower the drip, the stronger the coffee. I’ve also tried it with half the amount of condensed milk and used fat-free French Vanilla half and half and it turned out great with half the amount of calories!

This is the perfect beverage when I need a jump start in 115 degree weather in Arizona.


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