Home made Sriracha Style Hot Sauce

home made sriracha style hot sauce

Our blog is officially 2 weeks old! We’ve only been reading blogs for the last 6 or 7 months and literally just dove head first into this blogging thing without much planning. So on this occasion, we do want to acknowledge a few blogs that we’ve been reading for a while that have been very influential for us. First, Wandering Chopstick’s series on how to start a food blog made us so knowledgeable so fast. Second, White on Rice Couple…was the inspiration to join the blogging world together. So in this post, we’re making White on Rice Couple’s Chili Garlic Sriracha Style Hot Sauce because we have a huge bag of home grown chili peppers given to us by Kim’s aunts.

Chili Garlic Sriracha Style Hot Sauce
by White on Rice Couple.

home made sriracha style hot sauce 

Their directions are so easy to follow and it took about 45 minutes total (cooling time included). The home grown chili peppers we have are burn your tongue and knock your socks off hot. We ended up using only 4 of those babies. Also, when chopping a lot of chile peppers, DO wear protection. I got chili burned one time and it was so bad, I wanted to gnaw my fingers off and it kept me up all night with my hands soaking in an ice bath….Also, do follow Diane’s advice on starting with a few and then adding more later on during the simmer once all the ingredients are mixed. So how did it turn out?? Garlicy goodness with mild heat throughout and a great kick at the end… fantastic! 

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