Food, Inc. the movie might change how you eat forever. Plus, free book giveaway!

Do you know where your food came from and how it was raised or processed? I certainly don’t and have taken for granted this fundamental question that I should know the answer to. It’s too simple to go to the grocery store and buy whatever meats, poultry and vegetables that look fresh and available and not question anything about it…until I saw a new documentary tonight named FOOD, Inc. at a special Los Angeles screening that Foodbuzz informed me about. A documentary by Robert Kenner, it exposes the seedy underbelly of the food industry and how it might impact our economy, health, and even our lives.

Similar to how Supersize Me brought the nation’s attention on the unhealthiness of fast food, FOOD, Inc. has a similar potential of putting food safety on the forefront of the national consciousness. From cloning, genetically engineering, hemorrhagic e coli, and the growing diabetes epidemic in children… It certainly opened my eyes about the potential harms in the food industry and how it impacts our health…but don’t take my word for it, check out the trailer yourself and see the documentary when it comes out June 12th.

To win a free FOOD, Inc. book and reusable lunch tote bag, leave a comment as your entry form. We’ll chose a random winner in 5 days. Good luck!!


food inc


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